February 4, 2011

Wendy's Reflection

I am thinking about a young man I worked with yesterday, Ricardo.  He was our interpreter and worked beside me chiseling and hammering at a wall, removing stucco and other material from the walls at the parsonage.  He made twice as much progress as I did.  But he took breaks along with me and we got to chat.  His familiy's home was damaged in the earthquake and they currently live in a tent.  He does not know when they will be able to repair and rebuild the home.  His parents lost their jobs twelve years ago and he is the sole working member of his family.  He supports his parent and four siblings on very little work.  For fun, he likes to get in the internet or read his Bible. I shared a snack bar with him, he joined us for lunch and our afternoon journey to the children's home.  His face lit up playing with the kids.  After supper, he said it would take him about an hour to get home on a tap tap. 

What lives with me about Ricardo is the time he spent with me after lunch.  I gave him a greeting and a prayer I want to be able to say in Creole at church on Sunday morning at the beginning of my sermon.  He said "I am at your service."  He wrote out the Creole for me, helped me with the  pronounciation, laughed at my mistakes and kept encouraging me when I would say, "I can't get this."  Ricardo has so much to offer, he is a patient and gentle spirit.  He will stay in prayers.

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Claudia Roberts said...

Thank you for introducing us to Ricardo. It is all about relationships, with each other and with God.