February 3, 2011

haiti day three - life

there is life everywhere in haiti.  even in the most unexpected places.  we were all anticipating an announcement about the presidential elections last night.  so when the city erupted in cheers this morning, we knew something had changed.  it was like a breath of fresh air.  and the quiet anticipation and tension dissipated.

a haitian crew joined our driveway project and we experienced a different part of haitian life.  some of our group learned to navigate the streets and the market in search of specific parts and supplies.  it was one of the best parts of their day.  pastor fed had others working at frere manse again.  i chatted with madame violet, his wife, about the growing life in her garden.  and how in haiti we use sod not seed to grow.

we had two amazing interpreters.  lemaire and ricardo. their lives in haiti depend greatly on the groups that travel in and out of the guest house.  but they have life beyond these gates.  brothers, sisters, parents.  tents.  houses.  students.  each fluent in kreyol, french and english and working on their spanish.

after lunch, a greater view of the streets and how the city is living outside itself in a way. amazing that buildings stand in ruin, but in the cracks are tents and their inhabitants.  carrying on with life the best they can.  a flower growing towards the sun.

we spent the afternoon in the home of 38 children.  there was singing, crafting and playing.  so much fun.  it's hard to be in haiti and not feel despair.  but even in the worst of situations there is life.  we saw so much of it today.

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Mikelle Smith said...

love the experiences you are having. the people there look so sweet and i am certain your bubbles are a huge hit.

love you for all you are doing. stay safe ladies!